jeudi 21 mars 2013

Playlist #1

Entre hardcore et punk-rock au sens large, 1H de tubes et de nouvelles perles à écouter dans la playlist Another Day de la Violence Radio, le jeudi à partir de 20H et le samedi à partir de 22H pour mettre de l'ambiance dans tes soirées!

This Routine Is Hell – Without spirit, we roam
This Routine Is Hell – Repent. Repeat
Get The Shot – Breathing fire
The Bronx – Under The Rabbit
Jungbluth – Traubhagel
NOFX – My sycophant others
Midnights Souls – Always simple never easy
Breaking Strain – Push in (Another Day Records)
Burning Bright – Nightsins
Red City Radio – Two for fiching
Left In Ruins – Revenge
Fights And Fires – Weight
Mörse – La Bannissement (Another Day Records)
The Computers – Yeah yeah yeah
After The Fall – Wrong
Time Again – Day like this
We Ride – Stay gold
Split The Atom – Howlin’ant
Brat Pack – Sick Burn
Life As War – La fin du mode
Iron Chic – I always never said that
Get The Shot – Atlas
Rise And Fall - Faith / fate

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