samedi 1 mars 2014

Playlist #10

1H de tubes et de nouvelles perles à écouter dans la playlist Another Day de Violence Radio, le mercredi à partir de 19H et le dimanche à partir de 13H.

Sentence - One by One
Appraise - Climbing walls
Barren Hope - Footprints In Sand
Comeback Kid - Should Know Better (NEW)
Direwolves -Sighs And Whisper (NEW)
Earthlings - Beyond the map (NEW)
Manners - The Sun Won't Rise (NEW)
Flying Free - A Song To Sing When Youre Feelin Small
I Was a Cosmonaut Hero - Les mains vides (NEW)
Lack of Soul - End of the Spear
Against Me - Dead Friend
Comeback Kid - Full Swing (NEW)
P A S T - Worn Out
Sarah Where Is My Tea - Rebellion
Sentence - Stand Up
Slander - The Talking Dead
The Traders - Drive East
Flying Free - Movin'On
Appraise - No Foundations
Architects – C.A.N.C.E.R (NEW)
Manners – Rent (NEW)