samedi 27 décembre 2014

Playlist #15

Entre hardcore et punk-rock, 1H de tubes et de nouvelles perles à écouter dans la playlist Another Day sur Violence Radio, le mercredi à partir de 19H et le dimanche à partir de 13H:

Nine Eleven - Starkweaher
Hollow Earth - Beneath the Weight of the Cross
Run With The Hunted - Mea Culpa
NOFX - Fan Mail
Verbal Razors - Blood in your Hands
Hundredth - Shelter
Burning Bright - Doomsday
Wank For Peace - You are the weak spot
Endzweck - Better Smile
Burning Heads - Too Many Kisses
Plague Mass - The Patient
Nine Eleven - Into the Storm
Minority Of One - Hello, Anxiety!
Offense - To winf up young
Donnie Brasco - Western Dream
The Hollybuttons - Crisis
Trophies - Hellscapes
Jeanne - 4/4
Chelsea Deadbeat Combo - Under the bottom line
CityCop - This is war, war is hell

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